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Who is Mosquitoe Music?


Mosquitoe Music, LLC. is a woman-owned company supported by a strong team of music-lovers. Mosquitoe Music strives to support the arts and share great music in the community and more!







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How did the "after 5 jam" start?


After office hours, Funky Michael Coleman would jam with local artists on the Mosquitoe Gallery stage. The Mosquitoe team enjoyed the jam sessions so much they decided to record them. The term "after 5 jam" was born and the series became a monthly release starting in October 2014.


The end of 2014 was a tragic year for Mosquitoe. A month after Michael's recording, he passed away. Jay Verenski, a member of the Mosquitoe Team, followed Michael a month later. Mosquitoe Music continues the series in remembrance of these two.


What is the "after 5 jam"?


Every month we release a 25-minute set of a featured band or musician. We capture the footage, we master the audio, we edit a video, and spread the word with a smile. We release a shortened video to the Mosquitoe Music Facebook, followed by the HD full video for Youtube, and send to local access channels near Mosquitoe.


We provided the "after 5 jam" series as a spring-board for local talent to have a professional quality video made for promotional purposes. It allows artists to reference a video that is a better benchmark than "look at this video my friend made with their cell phone."


Where can I watch the "after 5 jam"?


We like to connect to the surrounding public access television stations to give artists and the community a piece of the music action. Check out the "after 5 jam" segments on the following channels:



Comcast Public Access Channel

Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Waukegan Comcast Channel 17

McHenry Comcast Channel 17



Milwaukee Community Media

Mondays at 5:00pm

Thursdays at 10:30pm

Public Channel 96


Kenosha Community Media

Mondays at 6:00pm

Time Warner Cable Channel 14


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